Teuchert Family


By Bruno Teuchert, Fairmont, Minn.
From: Martin County's (Minn.)  Heritage 1974, Section 2


The Teucherts arrived in America from German in 1901*. August Teuchert served his stretch in the army in Germany as did the oldest son, Arthur, who was still in the service when the rest of the family came here, the children were:

        Emma (1883-1973, Mrs. Herman Wedel)
        Gustav (1888-1971), married Jean Dunbar in New York ( died Gustav Tuckert )
        Anna ( Mrs. Walter Striemer , 1891-?)
        Arthur (1881-1965, My grandfather, died Arthur Teuchart), married Elizabeth Bohnen
        Bruno (1900-1979), married  Mabel Ziemann 

The trip was quite rough crossing the ocean going third class, with all the family sea sick except Father and Bruno (it should be remembered that Bruno was about one year old then). Their  destination was New Hampton, Iowa, where mother's sister, Hannah Pietan lived, and we were treated to good food and lots of milk. A  big change from the food we were used to in Berlin. Father was a tanner by trade, and eventually  worked at a tannery in Watertown.,  South Dakota for several years.

We then moved to Martin county (Minn.) where he rented a farm from A. L. Wards, one mile west of Amber Lake in Rolling Green Twp.  Here is where I started to school. Not being able to speak much English, I really had some problems. I  still remember the name  of my teacher, Miss Nelson. I must nave brought her quite a few apples, because she passed me every year up to the 5th grade when my folks bought a farm at Anoka, Minnesota.

We stayed there four years until the folks, rather disappointed by poor  crops and sandy soil, sold the farm and moved back to  Martin County.  They rented farms here for quite some time, then right after World War 1, there was a land boom in the Red River  Valley. So father, with a friendly German real estate agent, Mr. Peters, went to Rlchland County,  North Dakota (about 50) miles south  of Fargo and about 10 miles west of  the Red River. Father  bought a half section of  real good black soil with good buildings. (My  wife and I drove there a few years ago and looked up the  place, and I would certainly like to own it now!).  After a few years prices  went to pieces and they lost this farm and of course, all  their life savings.

Father was 72 years old and rented another big farm here to try to make  another go of it. My hat off  to the folks. I'm 73 years  old (in 1974)  and I ' d be hard put to run a garden!

We have a large wooden trunk, made in l822, which the folks brought along from Germany, which we think a lot of.

Arthur came to the States about two years later than we did. Shortly after his arrival here he was fortunate to become the  Secretary to the German consul in St. Paul and later during World War 1,  he was the Chief Draft Clerk for Minnesota.

Father died in 1941 at the age of  91 years. Mother died in 1935; at the age of 77 years. I am the only one left of my family. My  Mother had written her own obituary and it was dedicated to her sister, Mrs. Johanna Pietan, and was translated from German by Rev.  Mr. Stech as follows: "I, Mathilda Striemer was born in Neu Campenau in East Prussia, Germany, a daughter of  Henry and Dorothy  Striemer, April 16,1858. Soon after my birth through Holy Baptism I was adopted into the divine covenant of grace. My school  education I received at the public school in Klein Tippeln where ever day for a period of one hour religious instruction was given.  After special instruction, I was also confirmed into the Evangelical Lutheran Church at Reichenback (a Reichenbach is located on a 1882 map of Prussia in what is now Poland, the other towns she mentioned are close by. See note below**)  in 1871. In the year 1879, I was  married to August Teuchert and ten children were born, of whom 5 died in tender childhood. In the fall of the 1901,  we came to  America and lived the greater part of the time in Minnesota. In 1931, I suffered a paralytic stroke, but, through the help of  God  and tender care of my beloved ones, I was able to get along fairly  well. I am happy to think that the dear Lord Jesus on the last day will call all believers from their graves into eternal life. I have chosen for my own funeral the verses from the hymns which  were sung at the funeral of my beloved Mother." Rev. Stech read the hymns from the German Hymn book.

My parents were married for 56 Years, during this long period they shared life together with its pleasures and hardships. My fond  wish  would be that they could look upon my children who are: Gene Carroll;  Joan Caroline (Mrs. W.   -Bill - Closs);  and MarJorie  Kay ( Mrs. Jerry Pytleski) and 16 grandchildren plus three great grandchildren and, like I do, thank God for them.

Bruno Teuchert-Fairmont, Minn.

Bruno Teuchert died in 1980.

* Per the Ellis Island web site (www.ellisislandrecords.org), they arrived October 25, 1901 on the "Pennsylvania" from Hamburg. Their home was listed as "Riedorf". I can not find a Riedorf on the net or my atlas. I could not find Arthur's records at the Ellis Island site. When/where did he enter the country?

**Latitudes/Longitudes shown below

KAMPENAU(KEPNIEWO) 54.01 19.22 Poland 139.5 miles NNW of Warsaw
REICHENBACH(RYCHLIKI) 53.59 19.32 Poland 134.2 miles NNW of Warsaw
TIPPELN (NOWE KEPNIEWO) 54.02 19.31 Poland 137.6 miles NNW of Warsaw

(Towns that are now in Poland that had German names have often been changed to Polish for obvious reasons.)

My Known Teuchert  Ancesters:

Gen. Teuchert Born Spouse Born
1 Johann Karl Erdmann Teuchert (ABT 1803-?) Prussia Maria Rosina Heinze (ABT 1811-?) Prussia
2 August Teuchert (1850-1941) Prussia Mathilda Striemer (1858-1935) Prussia
3 Arthur Gustave Teuchert (1881-1965) Prussia Elizabeth Bohnen (1871-1940) PA
4 Marian Elizabeth Teuchert (1909-1958) MN Robert Harry Goodno (1912-1949) OK


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