Will of Thomas Goodynow (about 1555-1617/18)

Father of Edmund Goodenow

Per Goodenow Family Association, Thomas was a "Husbandman".

 Will of Thomas Goodynow [Father of Thomas, Edmond & John Sudbury Settlers]

[Md?] that uppon the twentith day of December in the yeare of or lord god 1617 according to the computacon of the Church of England Thomas Goody-now of Donhed St Andrews in the county of Wiltes and Dioces of Sarum being sik in body but of sound and pfect memory did by word or mouth delcare his Last will nuncupative as followeth vizt Imprimis hee did give and bequeath unto his three younaest children to witt Dorothey Edmund and Ursula to each of them xl s a peece to be paid unto them at the age of twenty yeares Itm hee gave and bequeathed unto his sonne Simon two sheepe Item he gave unto his sonnes Nathaniell and Thomas to Each of them one heifer bullock apeece to be delived unto them itm hee gave and bequeathed unto his sonnes Ralph and John to Each of them one heifer bullock and two sheepe apeece to be delived unto them at the purificacon of o r blessed lady the virgin mary next come two yeares The residue of his goods not given nor bequeathed hee gave unto ursula his wife whome hee made his whole & sole executrix And,appointed joseph Bower and Robert Button his ovseers to see this his will pfourmed witnesses to the [x t miss?] John Button minister Ralph Goodynow

probatum corani veneli viro henrico hungerford artium magco officii Dni Archui Sarum xix no martii 1617[Comssbas?] fuit et executrix ec (Colus bure cinnsting ?)./

 [Will proved 19 March 1617][Our calendar - date would have been 19 March 16181

Inventory of Thomas Goodynow's Estate]

 A trve and pfect Inventory of all the goods and chattels of Thomas Goodynow late while hee lived of Donhed St Andrew in the county of Wiltes deceased taken and praised by us John Button Clarck, Alexander Weekes Joseph Bower and John Compton the xi th day of ffebryary Anno Dni [buxta?] ec 1617 as followest vizt

                Imprimis 20 Ruder beast at                xliii                [43]

                Item five hourse beast at                xvi E                [161

                Itm the cart & plow tackling  iii E                [3]

                Itm  the sheepe at                xvii                [17]

                Itm  three piggs at                xxx s                [30]

                Itm  the corne in the barne                ix F                191

                Itm  the hay and vetches                iiii                [4]

                Itm  the Rede       x s                [10]

                Itm  the corne growing uppon

                the  ground   x                [10]

                 Itm  the wood      X,S                [40]

                Itm  certaine goods at Ebestbone                XI s                [40]

                Itm  butter and cheese                xvi s                [16]

                Itm  the bacon     xxx s                [30]

                Itm  the pewter and brasse    iii E                iii s                [3f- 3]

                Itm  the timber vessell                IV s                [551

                                .S                ... d

                 Itm                the Iron stuffe      Vill                [6s 8

                Itm                the bedding & Implements

                 that belong thereunto                1                [501

                Itm two table bords & two coffers

                one chest one cubbard one Chaire     'XX                [201

                and three stooles

                 Itm his weareing appell                iiii                E                [41

                Itm all the tooles of husbandry                xiii                s                iiii                d                [13s 4                d

                Itm fower stocks of bees        xiii                s                iiii                d                ,3s 4                d

                 Itm the poultry   iii s                          [3]

 s ma folio Cxxv

parsh De Ebbesbone wake j'urs Auchmalis Sars corad magro Johs James un legibus battall offi ii Dni Archini Sare sextimo die mense Januarii Anno Dni scem compitacoen etthe [ecche] Anglicane milimo quinqen MO sectuagesimo tercio At & im axxbat ec Comissq fuit & Executrixi ec inrat ec Calno in e 'Lcinisdg?] ec

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