About me

I was born April 15, 1937 in Los Angeles California. April 15th is also infamous as income tax day, the day the Titanic sank and the day that Lincoln died. I am married to Behnaz (Shabestari) (born 9-3-49) and have two daughters: Jacqueline Elizabeth Drumheller (born 8-8-63) and Elizabeth Mariam Goodno (born 1-10-87).

I was an Aerospace Engineer, specializing in the integration and test of space vehicles. I was employed by TRW (now Northrop Grumman Space Technology) in Redondo Beach California for about thirty-eight years. I retired from Northrop Grumman on 1 September 2004 while working on the ABL program at Edwards AFB, California.

My interests include: Bicycling, Flying (I hold a  private pilot license with instrument rating), Ham radio (K6AGU since 1953),  boating, camping,  computers, genealogy and photography. I am a member of the Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C), The Desert Camera Club and past president of the Lancaster Photography Association (LPA). was a docent at the Palm Springs Air Musuem. I lnow ive in Glendale California with my wife Beth.

I got interested in genealogy in 1993 while living in Saint George Utah. At that time I had some information on my Bohnen and Teuchert ancestors but nothing on the Goodno or Vollintine line. I didn't even know my Goodno grandfather's and grandmother's names! My sister Christine dug up a hand drawn copy of a Goodno family tree going back to my great great grandfather Ben Goodno. This tree came from the probate records of Addie Snider's (Goodno) will in the early 1960s. Addie was the sister of my great grandfather Harry Goodno. I took a trip to the Salt Lake City Family History Center and found Ben and his family's census records from 1860. That got me started. I contacted the Goodenow Family Association looking for a connection with Ben Goodno's ancestors. They finally found the link and I now have traced the Goodno family back to 1535 in England!

In 2005 I took a trip to Bronson, Kansas to do research on my Great-Great-Grandfather, Ben H. Goodno and family. Click here to see my trip report and here to see a history of Bronson.

I was contacted by my lost 1st cousin, Mary Lorene Teuchert (Lori Witt). She saw her Father's photo on my web site. Lori is the youngest daughter of my uncle, Frederick Teuchert (1907-1960) by his second wife, Marylea M. Muir (1922-1972). Lori was born in Fresno California,  October 12, 1957. She has a daughter, Emilea..

I have also been contacted by two other lost 2nd cousins, Marina Bohnen-Pratt (only daughter of Roman Bohnen) and Miranda Bohnen-Paul (1932-2012, oldest daughter of Arthur Bohnen). They also contacted me after discovering my web site.

 My email: dennis.goodno@gmail.com